Friday, October 27, 2006

Grace Li Wang

Grace Li Wang

Journal: 4 weeks in China: Sept. 6 - Oct. 4, 2007

Sept. 7-10 in Shanghai
Grace arrives with her art rolled up, and takes her art on canvas for framing. The framed art will be for her upcoming art exhibit at the Shangahi gallery on Sept. 16.
Sept. 10-13 in Nanjing
Grace goes to Nanjing to work on the design of her art book with the design agency which will also oversee the printing of the art books. The art book is written in both English and Chinese and need to target both markets, thus prensenting a design challenge, as not to slight either market. She also added an art brochure project.
Sept. 14 in Shanghai
Grace returns to Shanghai to make arrangement of the reception matters for the invitees and marketing materials, such as the biography banners and brochures.
Sept. 15 in Hangzhou
Grace takes her art to the China Natinal Academy of Art’s new gallery. The gallery will be responsible for the promotion and sale of her art .
Sept. 16-17 in Shanghai
The art reception on Sept. 16 was well attended by both Chinese and westerners, art critics and drop-in ones, and young and old as well. Grace also did her art demonstration for the attendees.
The Shanghai art gallery has done thousands of media contacts andcollected hundreds of those broadcasts on several CDs.

The Shanghai art critics wrote rave reviews of her work, and the reviews have been published in the highly regarded “Shanghai Artists magazine” – October 2006 issue, 2 pages of coverage.

There are other art review coverage in many Shanghai arts magazines in September and October 2006. In addition there are dozens of Shanghai based international art publications of various languages write ups with listings and writings of her art show and art images.
Sept. 18-25 in Beijing
Grace takes 10 art to Beijing for the upcoming SongZhuang Art Festival. She visited numerous new constructions for the arts, such as the SongZhuang art museum, the many new working studio buildings for the highly regarded resident artists or visiting artists from sources such as distant museum directors, art instutute deans, and successful artists living elsewhere.
Grace meets with the media groups which plan to follow up with my media interviews and coverage.
The buzz on the 2008 Beijing Olympics is very evident in the national Capital.
Sept. 25-28 in Shanghai
Grace visits the the Shanghai Art Museum’s international Biennale exhibit, which seemingly was completely sardine packed with viewers on that Sunday. It was a spectacular and breath taking show! Grace had an evening meeting of 2 hours with the creative director of the MOCA at the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai. Victoria Lu graciously hosted this outing and welcomes Grace for more further talks.
Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Nanjing
Grace returns to Nanjing to review the printed art books and brochures. Some printed works are distributed and stored respectively in China; while others are shipped to the US.
Oct. 2-4 in Shanghai
Grace meets with the Shanghai gallery director, as the director agrees to future working projects. More media and publicationsworks will be collected for Grace.
Grace returns to the US after 4 weeks of arts matters in China.

Grace Li Wang is an artist renowned for her ability to capture the radiance of nature in exuberant expressionist and impressionistic works. Her art has been exhibited extensively in the US and internationally.

The Grace Li Wang Art Gallery is located at 2411 East Millbrook Road, #112,
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604. The gallery is open by appointment.